19 Apr

Neuroproteins will restore paralyzed full fitness

Swedish researchers have developed a special implant that will allow paralyzed people to regain power in the limbs lost due to illness or accident. Animal tests show that the chance of success is quite big.

Just a few years ago, paralyzed people had no chance of regaining full or even partial recovery in damaged limbs. The development of technology and medicine has made it slowly become possible and it is possible that thanks to the efforts of Swedish scientists, it will soon be available to everyone.

Researchers at the Swedish school EPFL have been able to create a new therapy for people paralyzed by a spinal cord break. They have developed a special implant called e-Dura, which aims to restore people's ability to move independently.

The tests performed on rats have been very promising. Paralyzed animals, in just a few weeks, recovered their limbs, but for effective treatment, they had to wear implants for at least a few months.

E-Dura consists of elastic electrodes made of platinum and silicon microspheres, which are connected by gold and special microcircuits. This way, it can transmit electrical impulses and chemical signals, thus copying the movement of the spine.