16 Oct

Google bought the domain with the entire alphabet

A few weeks ago, Google announced the launch of a new Alphabet brand, which will include all of the existing US troops. Just after the announcement, the race began to take over internet addresses that could soon be worth the price. Google has therefore decided to secure and purchase a domain with the entire alphabet.

Initially, the Mounaint View company bought a domain that had previously been incorporated into the company, according to LCC, as it would be best suited to the new brand. It also wanted to take over the address, but for many years it belongs to the German concern BMW, which uses it in one of its services and under no circumstances did not intend to get rid of it.

The online giant had to go in a different direction and bought a domain containing the entire alphabet. It was registered in 1999 and since then the domain was parked because the owner did not use it.

Google also probably will not use it because the address is difficult to remember and no Internet user would rather not manually enter it. It was probably only a domain security against the competition of an American giant that could use it for its own purposes.

The financial details of the purchase of an alphabetical domain have not been disclosed.