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20 Dec

Hair color changing color

The Unseen has developed a new type of paint for hair painting. Its uniqueness is that there is no fixed

08 Dec

Developers HoloLens for 3 thousand. dollars

Microsoft has just announced the launch date of the HoloLens developer edition of the goggle edition, as well as the

30 Nov

Smartphone prototype loaded with sound

British researchers have developed a prototype of a new smartphone, which users will no longer have to worry about the

10 Nov

A budget smartphone for $ 60

Consumer smartphones are of the highest interest among consumers, and some manufacturers are focusing on satisfying the demand for such

01 Nov

Further sources confirm the appearance of the Apple TV

Since the first rumor has surfaced on the Internet that Apple is gearing up to launch its own television, speculation

27 Oct

American government sued for DMCA

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which fights for digital citizens’ rights, has sued the US government for its Digital Millennium Copyright

23 Oct

Vozz Helmets has created a helmet that makes life easier for rescuers

The biggest problem of medical rescuers who have to bring to the hospital the victim of a motorcycle accident is

16 Oct

Google bought the domain with the entire alphabet

A few weeks ago, Google announced the launch of a new Alphabet brand, which will include all of the existing

18 Aug

Accurate Driver For Accuracy In Performance

There’s room for an even more. EXCEPTIONAL video on other brands that stand way out in terms of room for

08 Jun

T-Mobile Offering Unlimited Tethering ‘this Holiday Season’ As $15 Add-on

Every dreamer needs a great choice that can accommodate 10 different SIM cards. Most computers also accept PC cards today