21 Apr

40 million people pay for Spotify music

Spotify is still the world's largest music service. The CEO of Daniel Ek has boasted the latest user data. It follows that for access to the service 40 million people.

Tim Cook during a recent presentation of the iPhone 7 boasted that Apple Music already has 17 million subscribers paying for access to music offerings. This result, though impressive in comparison with the competitive Spotify. Daniel Ek, the company's chief executive, reported that the popular service has 40 million subscribers, more than double the Cupertino product.

This achievement is all the more impressive, yet in March it was 30 million people, ie in half a year up to 10 million people decided to pay subscription for access to all the functions of the site. It is not known how much Spotify currently has all users, including those using the free version, but in June there were 100 million. You can assume that there are many more.