Monthly Archives: December 2016

25 Dec

Amazon Alexa will order us a pizza

Voice of the Amazons assistant becomes an increasingly useful tool. Alexa has just been enriched with the Pizza Hut network. So maybe we can order our favorite pizza.

Alex's digital assistant, Amazon, has gained a lot of functionality over the past year. Initially SI was used only for simple tasks and searching the web for relevant information, however, from month to month, its capabilities grew. The recently added feature will appeal to tasty pizza lovers.

Last year Amazon boosted its product with the ability to order Domino's pizza. Now Alexa is also able to place such order on Pizza Hut. Just say a specific voice command and in a few minutes to pick up a hot cake.

Unfortunately, the option is not as functional as one might think and has some limitations. It works on the basis of our previous orders, or previously chosen favorite pizza. In other words, Alexa can only make a pizza order that we have configured in our Pizza Hut account and can not compose your order with it.

You can, however, choose the type of beverage and the type of payment, and determine whether you want to pay by credit card or cash.

24 Dec

Protecting US airports is useless

Protecting American airports, which makes life so difficult for passengers, tearing their luggage and ordering to empty their pockets, might well not exist as it is a completely useless decoration without any useful functions. This is the latest report from the Department of Homeland Security.

Employees from the dedicated Red Team of Security have recently conducted an internal investigation of checkpoints at 12 major national airports. During the 70 anonymous tests, department agents tried to go through the gates of guns or explosives. Only in three cases did the TSA's employees thwart such attempts, while the rest were successful.

It should be made clear that the Red Team members were familiar with all the TSA staff protocols so they could develop a plan to exploit potential vulnerabilities in the system.

20 Dec

Hair color changing color

The Unseen has developed a new type of paint for hair painting. Its uniqueness is that there is no fixed color. It changes because of the temperature.

Women love to change their hair color and do it very often, however, which is not good either for the hair itself or for their wallets. Frequent use of chemicals destroys hair, and paint costs quite a lot, not to mention hairdressing services, if someone does not like to self-imposed.

The Unseen has created a completely new paint that does not need to be painted so often. Paint itself can change color under the influence of temperature and outside the house may turn red, and after returning home will return to more natural colors. This is possible thanks to its carbon-based molecules, which under the influence of temperature changes change the absorption of light and thus give the impression of color change.

Lauren Bowker, responsible for creating new paints, ensures that, thanks to the materials used, it is less toxic than the typical hair dye available in stores. So even frequent use of it will not be particularly damaging to hair.

08 Dec

Developers HoloLens for 3 thousand. dollars

Microsoft has just announced the launch date of the HoloLens developer edition of the goggle edition, as well as the official price. The product, which is undoubtedly impressive on users, will be available as early as March 30. Unfortunately, they will only be able to afford it to the largest companies, as the manufacturer has priced it at as much as $ 3,000.

Microsoft HoloLens is one of the most promising technologies of recent years to bring the real world to the virtual world. The device will be available as of March 30 in the developer edition, intended for software developers who will be able to use it in their activities, designing new games and applications.

However, few manufacturers will afford this device, as Microsoft has set its price to an absurdly high $ 3,000. This price level virtually eliminates small studios from the game, who would also like to engage in new software development and will certainly cool the enthusiasm of many small businesses.

Such a high price of the developer version also raises concerns about the price of commercial edition of the device. Of course, it is important to remember that the dev kit is in a software package that is usually quite expensive, but you can not exclude that HoloLens will be much more expensive than the Oculus Rif. And if this is the case, then the market success of the product may be under the great question mark.